Essay: Criminal Arena

Sample Essay – Criminal Arena

Human smuggling and trafficking further complicate the issues in the criminal arena. Since these illegal immigrants once have arrived in the destination country, they are provided with fake passport documents, transported and accommodated in hideous areas and are ferried to various places illegally.

Furthermore, due to the illegal status of the immigrants, they can not search for jobs (Johnson 2007). Therefore, they are involved in low-skilled jobs, exploitation by their masters, crime activities and sex industry to settle down their debts of being assisted top move.

In this regard, the police force unit faces challenges when the illegal immigrants are in the country of destination; they engage in criminal activities sent by their masters, women and young girls are involved in prostitution through force, immigrants are often exploited, and their human rights are violated. This all is done to these poor men, and they can not access the police authority due to their illegal status  (Allan 2007).

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