Essay: Creating Effective Learning Classroom Environment

Sample Essay – Effective Learning Classroom Environment

As an educator inclusion is seemingly the most important aspect when developing and creating an effective learning classroom environment. However Loreman, Deppeler and Harvey, (2001) discuss the difficulty for a teacher to include children with a diverse range of abilities and therefore highlight the importance of a teacher’s professionalism to promote high levels of pedagogic practices in a teaching environment.

The lessons planned throughout the day are an indication of how the structure of the day revolves around his needs. The morning session began with spelling words and an English task that assists in students recognizing the meanings and use of the words when put in sentences. The content of the lesson was adjusted to student A’s learning ability as he is not working at the level of other students in the class, therefore his list of words are different and are at a stage 2 level. Student A was assisted by the teacher’s aid and she completed the task with him. From observation student A is more attentive at the beginning of the day before Lunchtime. Matt & Bolaski (1998) point out work that requires higher amounts of attention is better scheduled in the early hours of the day where the student has not yet been exposed to high levels of energy. This is why English and Mathematics are positioned in the first and second sessions of the day.

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