Essay: Law and Common Good

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In modern language, communities realize that law and common good are concepts related to one another. Lawmakers are cautious not to enact laws that contradict human good[1]. This topic poses a serious moral dilemma; in fact, it covers the whole social system structure characterized by politics, religion, culture and social settings at all levels. In this regard, the end of a given social system is good which eventually translates to what many refer to as the common good. Common good promotes the well-being of the human person and the entire community.

This is because common good can mean denying one person access to what he deems good to him/herself for the sake of the good of others. For example, elimination of a criminal in the society for the sake of peace for many is a case where the common good is safeguarded for many. As noted above, the notion of good cuts across the entire social system and it is for this reason that legislation, churches, philanthropic organizations, civil society just to name a few get absorbed in deliberations seeking one ultimate goal, common good. Laws enacted from a political point of view or religious points of view are all aimed at inspiring man do good and intend good only.

[1] Wallace, William. The Elements of Philosophy: Compendium for Philosophers and Theologians. New York: Alba House, 1977, p. 107

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