Essay: Knowledge Systems Design company

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Knowledge Systems Design company deals withy developing, delivery of and support of knowledge base systems meant for business applications using AI technologies. It also gives information on the company, employment opportunities and technology applications. Another company, TISEC Inc. offers safe testing and reliability engineering services ( Franklin,1995 ), AI pattern software multimedia training among others.

Victauri Inc provides content, interactive in nature that allows creation of interactive Web which has a lot of intelligence and can respond automatically to queries from visitors. METALogic company is yet another example of AI companies which is generally used in the field engineering and advanced information technology specifically in measurement and advice services, development of material systems of information and corrosion research (Nilsson 1993).

Another company, which develops systems that learn automatically in making optimal decisions even if there is uncertainty, is called Mnemonic Technology. This it does without any human interference. Norsvs Software Corporation helps in influencing diagrams for data mining, diagnosing, predicting, creation of software agents, expert building systems, decision analysis, and modeling based on probability and analyzing risk management. It also influences real time control, conditioning of signals and sensor fusion.

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