Essay: Logo design

Sample Essay

Ideally, the logo design of Apple computer Inc. fit with the services and products it offers to the digital market. This is in the sense that, iconic logo of an apple with the bite out on right side is linked by many visual communication scholars to mathematician Alan Turning who was the father of modern computer who committed suicide by biting into cyanide laced apple. Most significantly the bite is projection and indication of byte vs. bite (Thomas, 2005, p. 304).

Furthermore, a rainbow colored Apple logo was used to advertise the color capability of the Apple II computer and the product ‘Macintosh’ refers to a particular variety of an apple. Indeed, the firm is one of a few success stories in the corporate world with Market capital of US$86.3 billion, Revenue of US$32.48 billion, Operating income US$6.28 billion , Net income US$4.83 billion with 14.88% profit margin and a capacity of 28,000 Employees as indicated by a quarterly financial rep[ort of year 2008.

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