Essay: Knowledge-based public policing

Sample Essay

To deepen further on the concept of knowledge-based public policing, it is significant to note that individuals at some point seize to identify themselves in their cocoons but transfer their center of identity to the large collegiality of the people around him/her. This fact is what catalyses the mob; this is what energizes them in doing whatever they are determined to do together. The movement of the individual person from his/her identity to social identity is the rationale behind the possibility of group behavior (Turner 1982).

To elucidate further on this argument, consider the following scenario. Fifty customers are in a restaurant having their meals quietly. The environment is very calm and so, every customer is busy with his/her affairs. No customer is even looking at the other nor smiling at the other simply because they are strangers. All of a sudden the restaurant manager exclaims that the meals that have been served are expired and that the customers need to re-order fresh meals immediately and free of charge. All of a sudden, they begin talking to each other, sharing their opinions about it and even laughing out. It now becomes an interactive environment compared to the former situation.

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