Essay: Management knowledge and skills

Sample Essay – Management knowledge and skills 

This course has helped me acquire vital management knowledge and skills that give me confidence to be a great manager. To me, management is the process of reaching organizational goals by working with people and other resources at their disposal. Therefore, as an effective manager, my primary task is to oversee and guide the reaching of these organizations or group goals utilizing available resources instead of using the resources. The management knowledge and skills that have enhanced my prospects of becoming a good manager who performs are the core principles of management.

For instance, the planning principle of planning has informed me how to choose tasks that must be performed and how and when they will be performed.

Secondly, the organizational function of management informed my understanding of assigning tasks to various individuals or groups and putting plans into action that contribute to achieving the goals.

On this note, Certo et al. (2006) propose five steps in the organizing process: reflection on plans and objectives, establishing major tasks, dividing major tasks into subtasks, allocating resources, and evaluating the results of your strategy.

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