Essay: Main cause of Aids

19 Oct

Essay: Main cause of Aids

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HIV is the main cause of AIDS and can bring devastating effects to families, the entire community and their loved ones.  The spread of this epidemic has reached beyond control preventing the country from further development in both politics and economy.  In the third world developing countries, the epidemic has also widened and pushed the rift between the rich and poor to very edges of the falling society.   When the United States thrives with abundant resources and system access, there are millions of people across the ocean suffering from chronic diseases that include tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and more. Everyday a loved one in a family or from a community passes away.

Paul Farmer’s book, “Infections and Inequalities” explains the reasons for this phenomenon.   According Farmer, in a wealthy country, epidemic alerts causes’ slight paranoia to a not disturbing level.  However, right behind these elite societies, the deadly infection kills the poor. The limitations of the current health organizations and prevention programs have failed to implement vaccination or resistant medical services.  In 1997, President Clinton announced the inclusion of ten billion dollars for “bioterrorism” preparedness. (Farmer, xiii).   However, despite this financial effort, the “real epidemics are being ignored.” (Farmer xiii).  The current prevention programs are not the effective ways to end the epidemic spread.   For an effective program, there must be international public health systems that can effectively reduce, detect at early stages of diseases outbreaks and react with possible solutions.  Medical organization working in Haiti or other countries must realize that their purpose is to help those in need for proper medical care.

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