Essay: The Main Malaria Symptoms

The main Malaria symptoms include fever, nausea, vomiting, pains of the joints, and anemia. Others such as headaches, lethargy, sweating, and in severe cases, convulsions, coma, or death can also occur. Vulnerability is mostly among young children and pregnant mothers. Severe Malaria can also lead to brain damage due to anemia and it causes what is known as Cerebral Malaria. Cerebral Malaria is highly fatal and it distinguishes Malaria from other fevers since it causes retinal whitening. Global health organizations provide malaria prevention medications and insecticide-treated bed nets to keep people safe from mosquito bites. In a few African nations, a partially effective vaccine is being tested, but there is no vaccine available for travelers. Traveling with protective gear, bed nets, and insecticides will help you stay healthy. Malaria sufferers can undergo “attacks” on a regular basis. Shivering and chills are common symptoms of an attack, which are accompanied by a high fever, sweating, and a return to normal temperature.
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