Essay: Symptoms of schizophrenia

Sample Essay

The symptoms that manifest in people who are suffering from schizophrenia are divided in to two parts. One of them is referred to as positive symptoms and is described as the symptoms that are not experienced by healthy persons but are associated with the condition. They include  delusions, thought disorders and hallucinations. This is what is commonly referred to as psychosis manifestations.

The other type is referred to as the negative symptoms which are the experiences that are found in healthy people but appear in schizophrenic persons. These may include lack of the need to associate with others(asociality), feeling unmotivated (avolition) as well the inability for a person to experience pleasure about anything(alogia). Negative symptoms can thus be summarized as the lack of the normal abilities that are found in a healthy person (Velligan & Alphs March 1, 2008).

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