Essay: Sterilization and racism

Sample Essay

Racism was another great factor for selecting individuals for sterilization. Lombardo (2002) note that racism was a strong motivating factor for compulsory sterilization in the US. For instance in North Carolina, black American women used to be sterilized during their delivery of their first born.

While on the other hand, in Alberta a large proportion of Métis women who were aboriginal people were being sterilized because government knew they had heritage of First Nations mixed with European settlers (Lombardo 2008), thus they represented miscegenation. Moreover, social economic aspects were key drive for forced sterilization. Witkowski, (2003), notes that more often black poor women were sterilized against their wills. The view for sterilizing poor black persons was a blessing since it permitted a given a family to take care of the children they already had.

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