Essay: Leader in an Organization

Sample Essay – Leader in an Organization

A leader in an organization is the one who determines the failure or success of the organization. For the leader to make the firm successful, he has to have some traits, which will make him the best leader and thus qualified to lead the organization. The three major traits for a leader to be the best include empathy, self-awareness and objectivity.  The others are courage, ability to inspire, passion, commitment, flexibility, innovation and willingness to experiment.

All these qualities make a leader very qualified to make the employees engage in teamwork. With the practice of all these qualities, a leader is able to build confidence in himself and thus is able to make it in all endeavors.

A leader should note that he or she might have all the good traits and qualities he or she requires but this does not mean that he is he or she becomes the best. It is advisable that each of the traits is put into practice for each of the firm employees or group member to see.

One does not need to brag to others that he or she is honest simply because he or she has never been caught lying. However, a leader needs to act in a manner, which will suggest that he or she has all the traits he or she claims to have.

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