Essay: Legitimate book materials

Sample Essay

Digital rights management ensures that only legitimate books materials are published. Such measures have been used in ensuring that only authorized resources are exchanged by the users. Such management measures provide proper strategies over which the owners of the digitally available books can be paid so that they cater for their expenditures and other needs in order to boost their writing and publishing profession. Various encryption strategies, some of which uses passwords and encryption standards, which uses digital signatures have emerged in an effort to ensure that the security of the electronic books is enhanced.

The emergence of new technologies such as library management systems and accessibility of booking through various websites and platforms such as the ‘Google Books’ platform ensures that scarce resources are shared among members. The new technologies which provide the ability to share resources enable the users to fully utilize the scarce and costly resources. In some cases, the users collaborate in catering for the huge costs of books after which they may decide to duplicate the books into several copies. Even though approach is considered to be illegal, many users have employed it in their attempt to access books that may be very costly yet very crucial. Easy access of information to students, lecturers and other users in schools, universities and other tertiary collages have motivated the learner to have a reading culture in the learning institutions.

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