Essay: A book on Utopian society

Sample Essay The theme of a Utopian society has been used in many pieces of literature, such as The City of God, The City of the Sun, and Men Like Gods. There are many kinds of utopia; economic, political, religious, and more, but they all result in a perfectly content and happy society. A utopian society, in general, is one where there is enough for all, crime greed, and evil do not exist, as everyone is satisfied, and there is progress—in short, an imaginary society. However, even a concept such as this is idealistic and self-defeating, as we find out in Huxley’s book. In fact, he termed his book as centering on ‘negative utopia’ or dystopia. Being perpetually happy is not necessarily the best way to live, as we see how the people need Soma tablets daily to keep them going, deluding themselves to get over their troubles. In this superficial society, deep thinking, philosophy, and analysis of literature is discouraged, as that would lead to uncomfortable questions that the people on top might not be able to deal with. Such critical thinking might give rise to dissent and revolt, and so ‘trouble-makers are exiled. Thus we can see that the basis for everyone being happy is propaganda, strict control over people’s roles in society, and suppression of truth.
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