Essay: Abortion discussed

Sample Essay Warren also argued that what about those females who have taken strong contraceptive measures but because of the failure of contraceptive pills, condoms, and other methods she got pregnant then the feasible solution is non-other than the abortion if she will not take this step then it will create lots of hurdles and problems in her way because it may or may not be allowed. The decision solely depends upon the intuitive factor of that particular woman whether she want to develop that fetus or abort it because it can become a taboo for her in society( Warren, 1973). The moral and legal status of abortion in the light of “socio-cultural effect”             According to the viewpoint of society to kill an innocent life who wants to become a part of this world should be a serious crime but up to certain extent Warren’s argument can support their some points but it’s not remarkable. If we follow their certain points when it comes to rape, underage pregnancy or child prostitution it can be acceptable but if you waive people and allow all the points of Warren it is not justifiable. In her arguments, Warren tries to treat the baby as the property or some kind of fixed bank account which is in the hand of the beholder of that account but she should also try to think that there is a major difference among commodities and to destroy someone’s life which should be prohibited and banned.
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