Essay: BioComp Systems

Sample Essay – BioComp Systems

BioComp Systems is a great source for neural based data prediction, forecast, data modeling and optimization solutions (Luger, 1993). It does focus on marketing, banking and finance, manufacturing and the medical field.

The Cell Matrix Corporation Company specializes in a hardware and software that allow for the creation of dynamic circuits which can respond to environmental changes.

Others include Brighterion which use AI technology in prevention of fraud in transactions in such fields as e-commerce, telecommunications, and insurance finance among others. Sourcelight Techs provides merchandising solutions which are of high intelligence to business persons and those that seek careers information on different products.

Worth mentioning is the Stotler Henk Inc which is an AI research company providing consultancy and software development services like data mining, collaboration tools, computer security, and intelligent decision support among others (Franklin, 1995). Haley Systems Inc is a company that specializes in automated learning and reasoning that assist in retrieval of information and diagnosis of problems.

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