Essay: Bureaucracy Incorporation

15 Oct

Essay: Bureaucracy Incorporation

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The concept of bureaucracy incorporation into the studying of the healthcare organisations is core as xxputs it that, it gives the foundation upon which we can better understand the organisations.  Gouldner, (1954) gives a simple definition for bureaucracy as hierarchical division of staff who act on formal assignments. This definition gives insight to five main domains of bureaucracy as:

procedural devices, nature of work and progress, procedural bottlenecks, hierarchical structure and decision making domain that are vital for understanding the organizations bureaucracy functioning. In relation to these five domains, (Heydebrand 2003) observed that many organizations activities are related to one or more of the above-mentioned domains like division of labour, the type of decision-making and hierarchical structure on a simple scale of bureaucratic functioning of the organization. While the complexity scales of the functioning of the organisations is dependant on the combination or merging of the five domains.

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