Essay: Law making process in Canada-overview

17 Oct

Essay: Law making process in Canada-overview

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Law making process is a very complicated one if the time spent and stages involved is anything to go by. This process therefore calls for the right-minded people that put the interest of their subjects’ first. Opposition to various bills cannot only come from the genuine weaknesses a bill might be having but rather from a political influence. It is therefore important for the house to device way of detecting such motives in order to come up with good laws in a short period.

Before a bill is finally passed into law, it is important to ensure that it is properly screened and only given assent after thorough debate. More time is therefore important for legislators especially those in the House of Commons who spent more time on a bill compared to senate and the crown before it come to be a law.

The most important effect of a law to the economy and peoples lives should be considered first before giving a go ahead on any legislation. This is by involving all the stakeholders into a consultative engagement which ensure that all parameters regarding possible consequences are considered. Bill rushed through parliament have proved offensive in many countries such as in the US where the free healthcare bill is seemingly too heavy for the countries budget to bear.

Finally, the anti-spam laws courtesy of Tony Clement in 2010 will only work when the government as the main law-enforcing agent commits itself in ensuring so. The ultimate yields of such a long process can only be obtained when these laws inject a positive effect into the population a whole.

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