Essay: Limitation of the Study on eating disorders

Sample Essay – Eating disorders

This is the central point of the research paper. In this perspective, the studies on eating disorders have been and are still limited by the following:

3.1 Respondentat’s

First and foremost, these researches have been intrinsically limited by the fact that participation in research is based upon the participant’s response. Therefore, most of the study’s research might have been questioned (Franko, 2008, p. 251).

This is because respondents’ factors influence the feedback and, henceforth, the reliability and validity of the research. Thus, factors include social and economic status, education, age, gender, race or ethnicity, religion and parental status like education, occupation and economic status.

3.2 Researcher’s

Secondly, the study’s limitations are based on the researcher’s perspective. In this regard, the researcher’s study sample selection predetermines the outcome, which has been used as a basis for the study.

For instance, most of the literature reviews available are based on the selected group findings and then generalized to the entire women population (see appended documentation fig.1). Example is studies conducted on young adult women in Campus Universities with varied social, cultural perspectives to other social carders in the society. This is in terms of perception, attitudes and behavior.

3.3 Methodological and technical limitations

The methodological design that is used to measure the construct of eating disorders is quite lacking in some aspects to adequately give a reliable and valid measure of the construct.

For instance, the measure of the Body Dissatisfaction subscale, Drive for Thinness subscale and Contour Drawing Rating Scale. Both rely on co-relational studies, which are limited to the items and persons involved in their opinions (Franko, 2008, p. 141). On the other hand, the reliability co-efficiency of these scales ranges from 84 to 91 on average, which is not accurate enough to be relied on.

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