Essay: Cultural Differences within an Organization

17 Oct

Essay: Cultural Differences within an Organization

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Indeed, it is certain that cultural differences within an organization require complex and integrated solutions because of their multi faceted nature. As indicated earlier, the fusion approach seeks to enhance collaboration by increasing the participation of warring parties in creation and development of a viable solution. It can not be disputed that this is vital in enhancing inclusiveness in decision making and ensuring that each party contributes equally to management.

Arguably, Gwynne’s approach to cultural diversity within teams fails to capture all the facets associated with the same. In this respect, Judy and Carol (1997, p. 56) indicate that aspects like ethnicity are critical in cultural diversity and as such, they should also be addressed accordingly in multi cultural studies. Further,Henderson(2004, p. 81) notes that racial diversity has also received limited attention from management studies. In this regard, it is worth noting that fundamental factors in relationships such as attitudes and assumptions are closely associated with ethnicity and race. It is in this consideration that it is indicated that since the fusion approach allows for inclusion of this, a more integrative and comprehensive solution needs to include the same. Notably, Gwynne places particular attention on language as a component of culture.

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