Essay: Low Self Esteem among Male Offenders

Sample Essay – Low Self Esteem among Male Offenders 

Low self esteem among male offenders compared to females has generally made males shy away from the world of employment with many of them preferring to vacate their place of residence and moving to another as occasioned by poor intimacy skills, loneliness and social difficulties, among many other coping strategies (Thomas and  Roldan, 2005, p. 172).

This feeling also affects one’s way of thinking and, in some cases, establishes a very weird feeling of how bad an employer will feel about them. Instead of choosing to live in such kind of rather psychological torture with one’s self in the name of employment, many male ex-offenders have chosen to ignore calls to look for jobs. This barrier comes from within ex-offenders’ self-valuation and rating and not from the employers.

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