Essay: Developmentalism

17 Oct

Essay: Developmentalism

Sample Essay

Considering the above mentioned hypothesis, developmentalism since nature cannot be elevated due to its contribution to human kind. It is clear that whatever is found in the environment serve as an end in itself.

Everything enjoys finality by virtue of being there in the world and does not owe it being to anything else. Environment cannot be made to work for man nor can man make environment work for him. It can only work for him if it has that as its intrinsic finality. For example, there so many animals in the world among which man can kill for some food as meat. But there are those animals that s/he cannot feed on no matter what. For example, why cant man feed on cats or mouse or lion? This is because they lack that finality. But this should not mean that cats or lion or mouse do not have a role to play in the environment as developmentalism holds but they serve other purposes that are beneficial to man and to the environment.

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