Essay: Eugenics

Sample Essay

Following the footsteps of Sir Francis Galton of Great Britain (Witkowski 2003) who happens to be Charles Darwin’s cousin who for the first time in 1883 used the term eugenics to “well-born” in his application to his powerful theories on social and genetics engineering; American biologists Harry Laughlin and Charles Davenport developed a radical brand of eugenics to help the United States of America government to weed out degenerate members of the proletariat (Allen 1996).

These two American biologists philosophy are influenced by Galton who believed that the moral philosophy embedded in eugenics has potential to improve the human species through encouraging society’s best and brightest to reproduce more children. The brutality of this social initiative is that it justified and allowed for genetic manipulation; imprisonment and race segregation in claim of save US from the high cost of treating defective individuals, who were responsible for the America’s social ills (Witkowski 2003). Additionally, they suggested that the issues of influx of immigrants can be easily controlled by strict immigration quotas and selective genetic screening (Lombardo 2008). However, the genuineness of the focus group for the sterilization initiative is wanting.

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