Essay: Ethnic diversity in Los Angeles

Sample Essay

Therefore, a study of ethnic diversity in Los Angeles prompts the use of integrative frameworks which are designed to address the particular ethnic groups distinctly despite their fragmentation.

Following the growing fractionalization of postmodern cities, analysts are expected to define changes with respect to the individual needs of various segments of Los Angeles (Dear, 2000, p.1).This sort of analysis offers the possibilities of addressing urban issues at a more comprehensive manner. Furthermore, policy analysts in support of the postmodernist approach are encouraged to develop a concrete understanding of the city’s community discourse. Phillip (2001, p. 164) recommends the complete integration with the target group for policy analysis prior to the making any conclusions on the policy issues. This form of interaction is most suited for an ever changing city like Los Angeles, where people’s needs are dynamic in nature. Central to the postmodernist approach is the trial and error process which is subjected to various resolution prototypes. Testing changes prior to absolute conclusions on the solutions to any urban issues within Los Angeles is quite a strategic maneuver. This strategy lives no room for errors in the success capabilities of solutions to various issues.

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