Essay: Diversity

19 Oct

Essay: Diversity

Sample Essay

The term diversity bears a number of definitions. Generally, it refers to acknowledging, understanding, accepting, valuing and celebrating the differences that exist among people with respect to age, class, ethnicity, race, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, gender, public assistance status and spiritual practice. Issues related to diversity are currently considered important due to increasing demographic characteristics changes in the United States population. Robinson (2006) acknowledges that diversity is an invaluable competitive asset thatAmericacannot afford to ignore. Workforce on the other hand is the labor pool in employment. It entails workers who are employed by a specific organization, nation or on a specific project.

Therefore, workforce diversity refers to the similarities and differences that exist in a workforce among individuals. Other than characteristics protected by law, similarities and differences commonly cited include, education, language skills, personality, background and work role. Today’s workforce is a diverse group of people with varying points of view and beliefs that can be essential for the success of the company (Robinson, 2006, p. 33).

Ethnicity introduces various types of beliefs in the workplace. One of these is the hierarchical belief where it is considered that it must be followed at all times. Regardless of the nature and development of a situation, one is meant to believe that there is no choice and thus one has to do everything to appease his or her superior, this may be viewed as loyalty. An individual who hails from a more influential or educated background may however possess a different point of view where he or she believes that in order to succeed one has to outshine those above them and steal the limelight. Such may be described as go-getters and hard workers as they are able to rise up the ranks faster and may have many enemies while climbing up the corporate ladder.

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