Essay: History of Peloponnesian War

19 Oct

Essay: History of Peloponnesian War

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In part I will write about the war between Sparta and Athens which is commonly referred to as Peloponnesian war by examining the work of Thucydides was a historian and also a military commander in the Athenian Army. His historical writing has made important in both ancient and modern historiography, as many historian go to back to materials as a point of reference. His work covers a wide range of areas as the chronology of the events before and after the war and speeches made army commanders between 479BC to 432 BC.

The Peloponnesian war broke out due to social equalities and injustices that existed between the peasant and the aristocrats. According to Strassler (1996) the Peloponnesian war was an encounter between the Peloponnesian league which was led by the Sparta and the Delian league led by Athens. It was contributed to the social and cultural antagonism that existed between the citizens of Athens and Sparta. Strassler (1996) comments the Spartan citizens felt threatened by the growing influence and power of the Athenians, and decided to curb some of these influence. With the break out of the war, both sides even though were Greek citizens engaged in lawlessness acts and committed atrocities against each other. In the war ended with the defeat of Lysander who was the leader of Athens by Themistocles, Spartan Navy commander (Nielsen, 1996).

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