Essay: Systemic renewal

19 Oct

Essay: Systemic renewal

Sample Essay

Systemic renewal involves a continuing process of evaluating aims and objectives related to school management policies, practices, and organizational structures as they affect a diverse group of learners. Epstein and Sheldon (2002) noted that, “to prevent and correct serious attendance problems, schools need to change the way they are structured, improve the quality of courses, and intensify interpersonal relationships between students and teachers” (p. 309).

“Research has identified a student’s attitude towards the school as the single most important factor in combating truancy. It is then the responsibility of the school administrator to fashion a school where children want to attend as opposed to having to attend” (Gullatt & Lemoine, 1997, p. 18). “Systemic solutions to attendance problems will originate from a system that is made up of teachers and administrators who understand the connectedness of a supporting climate, significant relationships, engaging and challenging content and instruction, rules, policies and procedures” (Wagstaff, Combs, & Jarvis, 2000, p. 29).

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