Essay: Disruption of High School Education

19 Oct

Essay: Disruption of High School Education

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Sweeten G. (2006). Who Will Graduate? Disruption of High School Education by Arrest and

Court Involvement. Justice Quarterly, (23)4, 462-480.

Sweeten sets out to bridge the gap which exists in the research of crime and education. It is evident that not many research studies have examined the effects of arrests and involvement in crime on the attainment of education. As such, the article serves as evidence that juvenile delinquency does result to high rates of high school dropouts. In order to establish this, Sweeten utilizes the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997 in assessing first time arrests, court involvements and high school completion.

The use of this data gives prominence to the research as it improves on earlier research studies. Labeling, deterrence and propensity theories have often been used to link juvenile delinquency with educational outcomes and their relevance is clearly depicted in the research outcomes. From the survey reports, variables measured include, arrest and juvenile court involvement while dropout status is assigned to those who had not graduated from high school. From the research study it is observed that high school students who have been arrested or involved in juvenile court are likely to drop out of school. Sweeten indicates that labeling and rejection effects of arrests and court involvement trigger more deviant behaviors amongst high school students. As such they are unable to remain in school. While arrests affect high school students, court involvement tends to impact more negatively especially due to the trauma of facing trials. Nonetheless, the Sweeten provides an informative source of literature especially for education policy makers and law enforcers. Involved practitioners can utilize these national findings to set up mediatory strategies for deviant high school students in order to deter high school dropout rates.

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