Essay: Teaching topics Intensely

19 Oct

Essay: Teaching topics Intensely

Sample Essay

The materials taught in this field should are supposed to be intense. Research shows that topics taught intensely stick more in the mind of the student. This is reinforced through giving of practical and assignment in those areas where the intense learning is required. Intense learning has been used to mean that the learning will be administered both in theory and in practical terms. This is done concurrently to reinforce one another.

It is argued that a sharp, real and a clear dramatic and teaching using the practical experiences bears fruits than learning without using the practical experiences which is termed as boring. Students generally are interested in performing things practically than theorizing them in class (Bower 1990).  However, drama should base on practical situation to make the student interested on what they are doing. It should always relate to what they have done and not on some topics outside what was learned in class.

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