Essay: Theory of Teaching

17 Oct

Essay: Theory of Teaching

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A point at which the language and language learning theories discussed above under approach directly influence the concentration of the components of what can be referred to as an instructional system (Mangubhai, 2006).

These components includes the arranging, goals and content selection of a language, learning tasks and teaching activities and the roles of the learners, teachers and the instructional material.

Generally, it is the way the teacher will make a combination of theories in the approach phase that dictates the subject matter/content and the linguistic content/matter. The objectives could be selection and organization of the syllabus which will again depend on the method being used.

Through the student, teacher and learning resources interaction that carry the objectives, a particular teaching method emerges. Because different methods have different objectives, different activities are taken and at times, there is a possibility of similar activities taking place at different stages. The type of learning and teaching activities that can take place depends on the theories that are used in the approach stage by the teacher or the teaching material(s). The role played by the learner, the teacher and the instructional materials in every method used is always in line with the beliefs held concerning the theories in approach. The role played by the materials is determinants of levels in the design phase. This indicates that wherever the teacher initiates and monitors the learning of the materials will be conspicuously different from those where the learner takes responsibility of the amount and level of input as evidenced in self-teaching (Mangubhai, 2006). Whatever the materials aims at achieving for instance present content and promoting communication, and the form they take are all reflected in the role played by materials in every method.

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