Essay: The Beats

19 Oct

Essay: The Beats

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The beats were believed to be a section of the writers who hailed from America and only became to be known in the 1950s. The term beat generation was invented in the year 1948 by jack Kerouac and he used it to refer to movements which were evident in New York among the youths.

Still the same word was used to colloquially refer to tiredness or someone who has been beaten (Charters 83). Their origin could still be traced in the University of Columbia where it was known to be anti- academic anti-social and ant-cultural. That is when their behavior and culture become documented and understood. Their unique traits mainly involved usage of drugs to perform and materialism rejection in their production.  Apart from writing they were also involved in the production of   films which were later sold to people though they contained obscene language and pictures (Charter 89).

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