Essay: Educational Research

Sample Essay Educational Research

Educational research is then defined as the mode of research that is carried out to help investigate behavioral habits and patterns, and then helps in profiling them, of not only students but also of teachers. This includes pupils, students, teachers, and other participants in schools and other educational institutions. This form of research has often been done by examining work products such as documents and standardized test results. However, the role of scientific research has had to wait a long time before being considered a veritable method of research as far as the educational research category is concerned. It has been cited that in 1897, J.M.

Rice who was at that stage in time regarded as one of the greatest pioneers of educational research set out to determine whether or not students learned more through studying spellings for 40 minutes than those who studied for only ten minutes.

Although he managed to collect enough empirical data to complete and report on this, stating that the difference between them was ‘negligible’ and that many students were taught too many things that had little practical or retainable value, others at first were a little wary of the task that was set aside to him. (Ary, D., Jacobs, L.C., Razavieh, A. & Sorensen, C. (2009) )

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