How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Essay writing has become a compulsion in academic writing requirements. Students are made to write different types of essay to groom their writing abilities and make them more analytical in understanding the topics and courses. Persuasive essay is one of the types of essay which is very challenging and time consuming to write. Usually, students are not aware of how to write a persuasive essay and find it hard to complete the essay writing assignment before the given deadline.

Customessaydorm is launched to assist you in all kind of writing assignments. Here are a few guidelines on how to write a persuasive essay efficiently:
  • The aim of a persuasive essay is not merely to describe something, rather, it is written to convince the reader and make him/her agree with the viewpoint of the writer. So for writing a persuasive essay, select a topic of your interest on which you can create your viewpoint and take a position for the debate. Make sure it is specific in order to carry a research easily.
  • Go through different books and websites and collect information on the topic in detail. Find the facts and evidences which support your arguments. Write all the information on the notebook so that you do not miss any important point in the end.
  • After the research, make a list of the supporting arguments and give them a sequence in accordance with their priority. Analyze the opposing facts and check for evidences in response to it to support your arguments.
  • Write a draft of your essay initially. After introduction, start with the opposing position first and then discuss your point of view with proper justifications. Make sure you do not use any biased statements or reject the opposing point completely. This will give a negative impression to the reader. Take a professional approach of conveying the idea neutrally.
  • Finalize the essay and check for any kind of errors it may have. Make corrections and submit to the teacher at last.

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