How to write essay

Essay writing is not an easy task. You have to make detailed study of the topic before writing the essay. The aim of writing an essay is to convey writer’s view point to the reader. It may be a descriptive essay, an argumentative essay, an expository essay, a persuasive essay, an admission essay, a narrative essay etc. Every type of essay has different structure to follow. The structure of the essay makes the reader understand what kind of essay it is and what impression the writer wants to leave on the reader.

If you want to know how to write essay, here are a few guidelines for you to write an essay efficiently:
  • Select the topic of your choice. Narrow it to a specific one so that it becomes easier for you to describe your research on it.
  • Do a detailed study on it. Refer to different relevant books, newspapers, websites and other sources where you can find sufficient information to write your essay.
  • Collect all the information and write it on a notebook. Write as much detail you gather so that you have enough material to understand the topic and fill the content of the essay.
  • Make a checklist of relevant points which you think fit for including in your essay. Write them separately on a paper to keep a record of what you are going to present in your essay.
  • Write a draft of the essay. Keep in mind the three main components; introduction, main body paragraphs and conclusion. In the first paragraph, introduce your topic to the reader. Give a brief background of what it is and develop a thesis statement to tell the reader what you are going to convey further in the essay.
  • In the main body of the essay give relevant details of your topic in points. Use one paragraph for each point. It is not necessary that you give all the points in your essay altogether. Use a few but strong and attracting facts and evidences to elaborate about the topic.
  • In the conclusion give a brief summary of the essay. Restate your thesis statement to keep a lasting impact on the reader of what has been said so far.
  • Complete the final essay with proper format, citation, spellings, grammar and vocabulary. Revise twice to make sure it is free of errors. Your essay is completed finally.

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