Writing an Argumentative Essay

One of the types of essays is argumentative essay in which students are given debatable topics and asked to write essay explaining about their perspective. It is not as easy as it seems. Your aim is to persuade the reader with your argument and make him/her agree that your idea or perspective about the topic is correct for this purpose you have to do a detailed study about the topic and find out evidences and facts to support your point of view.

For writing an argumentative essay, here are a few guidelines:

  •   Select a topic of your interest. Narrow down the topic to a specific one so that it becomes easier for you to build your argument on it.
  •   Read through different books and websites and find out information related to the topic. Search for its background, details and characteristics which can become the supporting points in your essay.
  •   Gather information and write on a notebook. Also write your own understanding about the topic and see what actually is in your mind related to the real facts.
  •   Take one position either in favor or against the debate. Make sure your position is strong and you are having enough evidence for support in the essay.
  •   Extract relevant points from the information you have gathered. Make a list of what details you would include in the essay.
  •   Write a rough draft of your essay. Introduce the topic to the reader in the introductory paragraph. Give background information and develop a thesis statement to make the reader get an idea of what you are going to communicate in the essay. In the main body paragraphs start with the opposite side of the argument in the first paragraph. After that, tell your arguments against it and give facts and evidences to it. Use at least 3 paragraphs in the main body to fill your essay with striking content. In the last paragraph, write a brief summary of the essay as a conclusion. Restate the thesis so that it gives a lasting impact on the reader.
  •   After writing the rough draft, finalize the essay with proper format, citation and other instructions given by your teacher. Check for spellings, grammar and any errors and make corrections where necessary.

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