Narrative Essay

One of the interesting essays to write is the narrative essay. In this type of essay you do not have to go for any research or study on any particular topic. Narrative essay tells about an experience, learning, an event or any state of mind the reader has. It gives the reader an opportunity to pen down the experience in the form of an essay and make others read and experience the same.

Narrative essay is written in the form of a story. It is communicative and the tone used in it is of a first person. The purpose of narrative essay in academic writing is to make the students analyze their own self and express it in a proper written manner in the form of an essay.

For writing a narrative essay you should sit back and think about what state of mind you want to share with the reader. It could be any incident, anything that made you learn a lesson, any achievement in life, or an experience which you can never forget.

Before writing the essay, give yourself plenty of time to think and note down all the instances about the event. Certainly, the reader is not aware of anything, and your aim is to make him/her go through the situation exactly the way you were. So take note of everything that comes in your mind.

Narrative Essay

Make a draft of your essay and write the story in the proper essay structure. Introduce your event in the first paragraph. Describe its background and write a thesis statement which takes the reader to a central point around which your story would revolve.

In the middle paragraphs give details about the event. Make sure you do not distract from the main point. Keep yourself focused to the main theme of the event so that your essay is precise and to the point.

In the last paragraph, write the summary of the entire essay as the conclusion. Rephrase the thesis statement to put a lasting impact on the reader.

Finalize the essay and check for any spelling, grammar or punctuation error. Make corrections and submit to the teacher.

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