Essay: Working environment in critical care units

Sample Essay – Working environment

Working environment that regard critical care units, leadership and conflict management are vital areas for the successful performance of the unit. The causes of conflict in critical care units result from financial pressures balanced with the need to satisfy patients, scarce resources conflicting with the health care organization’s ability to meet the growing demand for quality services, and social strain on the workers (Marquis, Huston, 2008).

Therefore, a practical approach to competencies for leadership principles and practices of conflict management and negotiations is vital to critical care nurses.  Findings indicate that health care is in crisis due to preventable workplace conflict.

These preventable conflicts lead to avoidable costs resulting from conflict between people in the workplace who should and could work together cooperatively, which drives up the cost of care (Brahm, 2003). Therefore, this learning enables me to prepare for facilitating social competencies at critical care units in the country and world to minimize costs associated with avoidable conflicts.

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