Essay: Truancy and Social Problems

19 Oct

Essay: Truancy and Social Problems

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Truancy has costly effects which lead to more social problems. For instance, Treton Truancy Prevention Program shows that 95% of juvenile offenders started as truants.  Furthermore, truants are more likely to join gang groups thus risking getting killed, injured or being infected. Truancy has the possibility of stimulating pregnancy and drop out of school. This is seen through them being undermined by their esteem, low aspirations and educational failure.

Most of them experience difficulty in reading leading to antisocialism among themselves and the society. Most of the kids that have a problem with reading are truant out of frustrations. Violence on the other hand has a deep root from long-neglected social problems that also cause truancy. When it comes to the sociality with the communities, truancy has a negative influence. This is seen when more people within the community engage in delinquent behavior and at the end express negative adult outcomes, for instance incarnation, job instability etc which leads to the suffering of the community as a whole (Baker et al. 2001). The Government is already substantially overhauling the system for dealing with young offenders. Tackling truancy should contribute to stopping youngsters being drawn into crime in the first place.

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