Essay: Youth problems

Sample Essay

In the recent past, youth problems such as obesity, violence and substance abuse in and within school districts in Philadelphia has raised various concerns about the holistic wellbeing of the future generation in America. In response schools within thePhiladelphiahave continuously mobilized resources and taken practical steps geared towards developing and implementing sustainable prevention and intervention programs.

Specific areas of concern in this regard have included peer mediation, physical and mental wellness, violence prevention, substance use prevention, conflict resolution and bully prevention amongst others. Wellness programs have been identified as one of the best channels through which this goal can be met. It is because the programs are integrated and seek to foster collaboration while addressing the intricate health and behavioral needs of the students simultaneously. National statistics particularly cite that the rate and severity of childhood overweight has increased to 15% (Baskin & Franklin, 2005). This has adverse implications as it increases the risk of the children developing terminal diseases such as diabetes.

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