Essay: UK’s business environment

Sample Essay

The United Kingdome on the other hand enjoys a more transparent business environment in the country. Various efforts have been made, over the years, by the country’s legislatures to ensure that there exists a very friendly business environment for the business sector. Even though the country does not have any written constitution, the hotel industry has constantly been guided by the very strong institutional foundations that have been put down over the years. The strong institutional foundations, the increased transparency in the market and the need for accountability has led to the improvement of hotel industry in the two countries.

Additionally, British’s hotel industry thrives on the fact that various European Union legislations dictate certain methodologies which help to run business and thus enhance growth in the country. The legislations set up ensure that there is an overall improvement of all the factors of production in the country. Good business performance enhances adequate integration of activities associated with the customers and the top management.

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