Essay: Viable social security programs in the UK

Sample Essay

There is need to examine the situation in other countries in order to judge if Social Security programs are any viable in the U.S. this will provide fact based evidence in making decisions regarding the complex issue of Social Security especially under President Obama administration. One fine scenario to examine is the Social Security programs inGermany. InGermany, a Social Security program was adopted in the 1880s. Chancellor Otto von Bismarck campaigned for the social legislation in order to both benefit the workers and to forestall all the socialists programs. He supported the socialist programs in order to gain support of the workers who belonged in his party.

InGermany, the legislation was set up to provide compulsory sickness insurance where the worker paid up to two thirds of the cost whiles the employer paying the remaining fraction of one third. This legislation was passed in 1883 inGermany. The adoption of the compulsory old-age insurance which necessitated that the employee, employer and the government share the cost was adopted in 1889. However, it took up to 38 years for the unemployment insurance legislation to be passed inGermanyin 1927 (Dixon, 1999).

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