Essay: The social security act

Sample Essay – Social Security Act

The court’s interpretation of Social Security may shed light on how the system is never near viable. The United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit may favor the Social Security Act. However, the court affirms that the Social Security Act should be interpreted liberally in favor of the claimants when deciding what counts as the covered wages for the need to achieve the quarters of the coverage prerequisite in making a worker qualify for the benefits. The court’s interpretations, therefore, have it that Social Security has the moral role of serving men and women and saving them from poverty (Haveman et al., 2003).

The viability of Social Security should only be realized with major changes in the system. The point of assuming that everything is fine does not hold and should be regarded as an enemy of development.

Most advocates have proposed major changes in the system and pointed out that rapid action is needed since Social Security is facing a serious crisis. President Bush, in 2005, during his State of the Union Speech, noted that Social Security was facing bankruptcy or a major crisis. In his speech, Bush described entitlement reform as a national challenge exposing the subsequent congress to hard choices (Olivia, Micth, 2005). These choices include immense deficits, deep cuts in all categories of spending and staggering tax increases.

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