Essay: The scientific theory of management

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According to the scientific theory of management, leaders always need to constantly upgrade their skills and to change with their changing environment in order to ensure that proper planning and guidance is enhanced in the success of a given organization. In some cultural backgrounds, it is even an unthinkable for the women folk to carry out certain tasks that are perceived to be preserved for the men (Bickel, 2004; Pollit, 2005, pp.36-39).

However, Carlyle (1984) argues that leadership does not necessarily directly depend on an individual’s gender rather it depends on ones capabilities to perform a given assigned task. Skills required to perform a given task are thus crucial in ensuring the success of a given leader (Aalberg & Jenssen, 2000, pp.17-32). However, women leadership at times also depends on the kind of profession and industry that one depends on (Guston & Sarewitz, 2002; Toor & Ofori, 2009, pp.533–547).

The different definitions of leadership at times demand a lot of energy in order for one to actively manage a given team (Falk & Kenski, 2003; Vroom & Jago, 1988). The delicate balance of women and leadership thus need proper understanding of a number of cultural background, organizational culture, religion and ethical perspectives (Hemphill, 1999).

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