Essay: Government Measures To Reduce Alcohol Abuse

Sample Essay – Alcohol Abuse

The government should undertake necessary measures to empower the communities in different ways. Particularistic efforts should include education programs about the detrimental health effects of alcohol abuse and providing employment opportunities for its citizens.

Specifically, this education should be entrenched in the curriculum at all levels and incorporate the need to uphold values. Providing employment will economically empower the citizens and avoid frustration that leads to alcohol abuse (Leon, 1997).

To this end, it should be noted that education leads to employment opportunities in the future. Hence, the most sustainable approach would be to start by providing the education that would make the students competitive in the future.

Lastly, the parents should assume the responsibility of bringing up their children in a morally acceptable manner. In this regard, they should encourage moral values like hard work and respect.

These values play a fundamental role in molding socially acceptable behavior, and they should be encouraged from a very tender age to yield positive results. The government should play the role of providing incentives for all parents in this regard.

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