Essay: Teen Pregnancy Issues

Sample Essay The teenagers at their age do not earn much and are usually supported by their parents. However, a teenage pregnancy brings problems in the form of restricted opportunities available for education in the future, constraint financial standing as well as increased anxiety and frustrations amongst the teens. Teen pregnancy is also closely related to the increase of lost tax revenues, increased spending n public assistance as well as money spent for foster care and the criminal justice system. Juvenile crimes also increase as teen parents strive to support their children. However, the most important effect of teen pregnancy is that it tends to rob the teens of their childhood, forcing them to grow up. This can have complications in the future life of these teens when they are dealing with children themselves.      The paper actually discusses the importance of birth control prevention programs and education of prevention for teenagers and how it can actually help them in avoiding teen pregnancy altogether. This is because due to the analysis of the information and statistics available on teen pregnancy it was identified that the main reason that can be seen which can improve the situation for teen pregnancy in the region is educating the children about prevention of pregnancies and the use of contraceptives. The following paper is focused on the aspect of teen pregnancy and how education for teenagers can reduce the risk of young pregnancy for them.
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