Essay: Study of DeKalb Transition Academy

Sample Essay – DeKalb Transition Academy 

The DeKalb Transition Academy (DTA) conducted a study in 2003. The study indicated a 30% truancy rate among their students. There were many reasons why students at the DTA were truant. First, the students did not like school and/or just did not care about school. Many of those students did not take their education seriously. Second, the truant students were committing crime instead on getting their education.

When students were not at home or at school, they were often spending their time on the streets. They were wasting away valuable school time, creating trouble in the community for their own self-entertainment.  Many police departments reported that daytime crime rates are rising; in part because some students who are not in school are busy committing crimes such as vandalizing cars, burglaries, shoplifting, and scrawling graffiti on signs and office buildings.  Many of the students at DTA were arrested because of truancy and acts of violence, criminal violations and unruly behavior demonstrated as a result of not attending class.

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