Essay: Study on Autism

Sample Essay – Autism 

In the study we use the social network methods in an inclusive setting to determine and explore the involvement of children with autism or aspargers syndrome. It has been hypothesized before that social-cognitive accuracy and other externalizing behavior in children would bring out the differences observed in social network of children with autism or those without. The school identified children’s with this syndrome (N=60) in the grades 3 to grade 6and were compared to the children that have not been identified with this syndrome in the same settings (N=700) in terms of their social acceptance.

The social acceptance was determined using nominations among them of those liked least and those liked most and this was converted to an overall preference score for each child. To determine the social cognitive accuracy or the externalizing behavior which is said to function as mediators in the observed social network in this children, it was done by determining the children’s learning disability status which accounted for a small portion of variance in children social acceptance (1.3%), thus the mediation taste were conducted.

The child’s behavior was assessed through the teachers’ behavior checklist report. The social cognitive accuracy was however, determined by calculating the extent In that the children report resembled the other or matched to the social groups that were derived through the social cognitive mapping. This result indicated that the externalizing behavior had partially mediated the social networks of these children with autism.

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