Essay: Smithfield Foods Employee Management

Sample Essay on Smithfield Foods

Smithfield Foods needs to engage in regular employee surveys to gauge motivation levels and the qualitative nature of these should also allow them to assess which areas the company may need to improve. This will help show that the organization cares for the problems of the workers pinpointing the exact area of focus demanding resources may actually reduce costs of meeting the demands of workers (Bratton, 2001). This will reduce employee turnover and may actually allow the business to retain well-trained and experienced personnel. Finally, wages need to assessed according to the changes in the economy, and developing country workers should not be exploited. Wages meet the very basic motivational needs of the workers and without fair wages, the HR department cannot proceed to address other relevant concerns of the workforce. The cost increases associated with this have to be borne or the HR function of the company will continue to suffer and low motivation, high turnover, and employee problems will persist well into the future.
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