Essay: Outsourcing from the Perspective of the Employee

Sample Essay Little has been done to evaluate whether outsourcing from the perspective of the employee who is not upper-level management – those who perform the day-to-day operations that fulfill the contract and are generally not involved in the contract negotiations. Only two such studies were published as of 2001. The study by Khosrowpour et al. (1996) suggested that employee perceptions of outsourcing were associated with both the amount of communication done with the employee and the amount of direct involvement of the employee in the decision to outsource. They presented a Management Action Plan that showed the relationship between involvement, communication, and productivity. They also presented a Management Outsourcing Adoption Model that proposed the level of employee involvement that was perceived as needed in the four different phases of outsourcing. Only one other study was published that examined employee perspectives of outsourcing. Kessler et al. (1999) examined employee perspectives of outsourcing using a single case study.
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