Essay: Ensuring Employee Motivation

Sample Essay

The project description involved here is that of establishing the best human resource practices to appraise the employees to ensure employee motivation. This is the scope of the dissertation program. The duration is 3 months and this is the only time available to complete the project without delay.

The manager has to know that the costs, quality and risks of this project need to be identified. The quality of the project to be high to outweigh the risks and the costs involved. The quality, risks and costs of the project are forces, which need to be regulated by preferences. With good management and application of all the tools and techniques of the project, the manager will be able to achieve employee satisfaction and motivation. The scope has to be well planned, defined and verified to avoid confusion. The scope should be managed and defined such that the possible tasks and activities are identified. Through scope verification, the manager will be making it possible for all the stakeholders to accept the project together with its results formally.

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